DataFied API Showcase

Check out a sample of clients using the EDGAR®Online API

  • OTC Markets

    OTC uses EDGAR Online’s publicly available data through our API with OTC reported companies as their only data provider. They have partnered with EDGAR Online as a trusted source for several years, resulting from their experience with EDGAR’s process and expertise in collecting financial data. EDGAR’s speed, accuracy and cost have enabled them to offer this data to a larger group of their issuers.

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    Nasdaq came to EDGAR requesting ownership data, insider and institutional data, financial data, IPO, SPO, charts and filings. Using EDGAR Online’s data, NASDAQ has been able to create a variety of unique and new ways to present the data as seen on some specific pages of their site. They are currently able to showcase multiple pieces of data including basic stock information, company information and key financial ratios.

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  • YAHOO Finance

    EDGAR Online has been providing basic financial data to Yahoo Finance for more than 10 years. During that time, EDGAR has become a trusted source for Yahoo Finance as they continue their leadership role in the industry and are now working with Yahoo to supply data as part of their current mobile strategy.

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    EDGAR Online was hearing from clients who wanted a sleek new interface with support for mobile platforms and turned to ChartIQ to offer more in-depth charting capabilities. As a trusted partner, ChartIQ delivers the same level of commitment to performance, security and reliability and provides enhanced functionality and an ability to roll out across multiple platforms.

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