API Overview


Welcome to DataFied, your one stop shop for financial data and information. To get started, check out our four free evaluation packages with access to various datasets and resources available through the DataFied API. Detailed below is all the information you need for our resources and different datasets – Financials, Insider Trade Data and Institutional Ownership.

Once you determine which dataset is right for your needs, an application key is needed to access the Make Live API Calls, make calls and pull data. To register for an application key, please click here. Once registered, you will be able to choose which API evaluation plan is best suited to your needs.

Overview of DataFied Datasets and Resources

The table below highlights the datasets and verbs associated with them.

Financials – The Financials Dataset includes primary financials, descriptive company details and ratios. The companies included are all SEC reporting companies with publicly traded securities. To complement the SEC filers, EDGAR Online provides exclusive access to the OTC traded securities. Data is available as of 1999 for SEC reporting companies and 2009 for OTC filers. The Developer HackPack (evaluation plan) includes access to the consolidated primary financial statements; balance sheet, income statement and cash flow for the 5 most recent years. In addition, we provide the complementary basic company identification and metadata.

Insider Trade Data – The Insider Trade Dataset includes access to all individuals and publicly traded securities with reported insider trade data and allows for queries for specific summaries of insiders and trades. The resources for this dataset allow for queries to specific insider transactions (including buy and sell activity) and insider rosters.

Institutional Ownership Data – The Institutional Ownership Dataset is based on the 13F filings from fund managers, reporting their quarterly positions with the SEC. Based on the institutional holdings, the resources provide access to all securities and their fund owners. Queries can be made to access who owns what – either based on the specific security or the institutional owner.

Datasets Resource Name Version Actions Description
Companies Companies V2 GET Includes descriptive company metadata, such as: company name, CIK, ticker, address, description, sector, industry, etc.
Core Financials

ANN V2 GET Includes companies’ annual primary financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement and ratios).

QTR V2 GET Includes companies’ quarterly primary financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement and ratios).

YTD V2 GET Includes companies’ primary financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement and ratios) on a year to date basis.

TTM V2 GET Includes companies’ primary financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement and ratios) for a trailing twelve month period.
Insider Trades


Issue V2 GET Includes all securities with reported insider trade data.

Summary V2 GET Allows for queries for security specific summary of insiders and trades.

Transaction V2 GET Allows for queries for specific insider transactions (e.g. buy, sell)

Filers V2 GET Includes all individuals with reported insider data.
Institutional Ownership

CurrentIssueHolder V2 GET Allows for queries by security for owners.

CurrentOwnerHolder V2 GET Allows for queries by owner for securities held.

Issue V2 GET Includes all issues or securities with available data.

Owner V2 GET Includes all fund owners with available data.
Not supported/Obsolete.
Not supported/Obsolete.
V2 GET Provide description lookup call for a company name, SIC code, industry or sector.

Once you get started, we can work with you on adding additional data fields, time periods or depth of history. We can also work with you to configure additional datasets based on your data needs.

Happy Coding!

What you can do with our API

Our API allows you to:

  • Perform metadata or financial data searches for a supplied search term such as company name.
  • Perform metadata or financial searches for a supplied company ticker, CUSIP or CIK to build company profiles and financial statements for analysis.
  • Perform targeted searches that match user defined tags and location terms.
  • Retrieve individual company’s descriptive information, financials and/or ratios.
  • Query for companies based on specific filters or screening criteria.
  • Retrieve insider rosters and trading activity.
  • Access institutional ownership data for investor targeting.