Description Resource

Description resources allow a user to perform a lookup on entities that have multiple values. For example, if a user is searching for all the companies that are based in Washington D.C., they would first need to know what cities are available for lookup.  Before making a call, they also need to determine if an abbreviation is used (e.g. DC) or  full text is used.

Template for description calls:{resourceName}/{descriptionField}?appkey={APPKEY}

Where {resourceName} is a name of a resource, {descriptionField} is a name of a field from the resource you need to request description data for.

Resources that support description (please look at each resource table below in the document to identify the fields that support lookup):

Resource Name Description Resource Name Example
Companies Companies{APPKEY}
CoreFinancials/ANN CoreFinancials-ANN{APPKEY}
CoreFinacials/QTR CoreFinancials-QTR{APPKEY}
CoreFinancials/TTM CoreFinancials-TTM{APPKEY}
CoreFinancials/YTD CoreFinancials-YTD{APPKEY}
Insider/Filers Insider-Filers{APPKEY}
Insider/Issues Insider-Issues{APPKEY}
Insider/Summary Insider-Summary{APPKEY}
Insider/Transactions Insider-Transactions{APPKEY}
Ownerships/CurrentIssueHolders Ownership-CurrentIssueHolders{APPKEY}
Ownerships/CurrentOwnerHoldings Ownership-CurrentownerHoldings{APPKEY}
Ownerships/Issues Ownership-Issues{APPKEY}
Ownerships/Owners Ownership-Owners{APPKEY}


Filter Expressions

DataFied supports the expression-based 'filter' parameter. The supported expressions are listed below in the table. 


  • All URLs must be encoded for every request
  • When entering decimal values, a zero must be specified before the decimal or the 'Invalid Symbol' error returns (example: 0.25)
Expression Name Expression Description Examples
Equal to eq Provides an equal to operation Filter=primarysymbol eq "MSFT"
Less than lt Provides a less than operation Filter=TotalRevenue lt 1000000
Greater than gt Provides a greater than operation Filter=TotalRevenue gt 1000000
Not equal to ne Provides a not equal operation Filter=primarysymbol ne "MSFT"
Greater than equals to gt-eq Provides a greater than equals to Filter=TotalRevenue gt-eq 1000000
Less than equals to lt-eq Provides a less than equals to Filter=TotalRevenue lt-eq 1000000
Between btw Provides a between operation on two numbers Filter=TotalRevenue btw 1000000 and 2000000
In in Provides an in operation Filter=primarysymbol in ("MSFT", "APPL")
Not In not in Provides a not in operation Filter=primarysymbol not in ("MSFT", "APPL")
Contains contains Provides a contains operation Filter=companyname contains "APPLE"
Like like Provides a like operation Filter=companyname like "%app" or Filter=companyname like "%app% or Filter=companyname like "app%"

Filter fields can be combined with either “AND” or “OR” operators and can be used with every field.

Note: If you are using Filter Expression for Insider Trade resources, please be aware that request will be invalid if aggregated field and non-aggregated field (see Aggregated Fields) are mixed in one request using “OR” operator.  Do not use “OR” operator while combining aggregated and non-aggregated fields.

Invalid Request:,insiderformtype,numTransactions,sumnumTransactions&filter=sumnumTransactions gt 1 OR issueid eq 467297&appkey={APPKEY}

Valid Request:,insiderformtype,numTransactions,sumnumTransactions&filter=sumnumTransactions gt 1 AND issueid eq 467297&appkey={APPKEY}

Developers can use only simple combinations: '<aggregated field>' and '<non-aggregated>'.

Examples of Filter Expressions:

  • Get all companies that have total revenue greater than 2086833000000. gt 2086833000000&fields=companyname&appkey={APPKEY}

  • Get all companies that contain Apple contains "Apple"&appkey={APPKEY}