Institutional Ownership

Institutional Ownership


Current Issue Holders

Current Owner Holdings




Ownership Data from EDGAR Online provides near real-time access to institutional trading based on quarterly 13F filings. All U.S. and international companies listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ, OTC and regional exchanges are covered. Our in-depth coverage of Institutional Ownership Data pulled directly from 13F filings. Data can be accessed according to company name or ticker symbol to retrieve positons held, changes, market value and percentages of portfolios or total shares outstanding. The data is accessible via four resources: Current Issue Holder, Current Owner Holding, Issue or Owner; through these resources, data can be assessed to understand total positions, changes, activity, position by sector or total market value.

Institutional Ownership Data is supported with four resources: CurrentIssueHolder, CurrentOwnerHolding, Issue, Owner

Current Issue Holders

Every field can be used with a filter parameter, example:

filter=issueid in (xxxxxxx,xxxxxx,xxxxxx)

Parameter Name Filter Name Resource DataType
issueids issueid ownerships/currentissueholder Integer
cusip cusip ownerships/currentissueholder String
tickers ticker ownerships/currentissueholder String
isdeleted isdeleted ownerships/currentissueholder Boolean
modifiedsince modifiedsince ownerships/currentissueholder Date

querydate ownerships/currentissueholder Date

companyname ownerships/currentissueholder String

issuetitle ownerships/currentissueholder String

filerid ownerships/currentissueholder Integer

cik ownerships/currentissueholder String

currentreportdate ownerships/currentissueholder Date

priorreportdate ownerships/currentissueholder Date

ownername ownerships/currentissueholder String

street1 ownerships/currentissueholder String

street2 ownerships/currentissueholder String

street3 ownerships/currentissueholder String

city ownerships/currentissueholder String

state ownerships/currentissueholder String

zip ownerships/currentissueholder String

phone ownerships/currentissueholder String

sharesheld ownerships/currentissueholder Float

sharesheldchange ownerships/currentissueholder Float

sharesheldpercentchange ownerships/currentissueholder Float

marketvalue ownerships/currentissueholder Float

marketvaluechange ownerships/currentissueholder Float

portfoliopercent ownerships/currentissueholder Float

sharesoutpercent ownerships/currentissueholder Float


Search CurrentIssueHolder based on IssueIds:{APPKEY}

Search CurrentIssueHolder based on Cusips:{APPKEY}

Search CurrentIssueHolder based on Tickers:{APPKEY}

Search CurrentIssueHolder based on IssueTitles: eq "COM"&appkey={APPKEY}

Search CurrentIssueHolder based on FilerIds: eq 1112&appkey={APPKEY}

Filter CurrentIssueHolder based on SharesOutPercent less than 10: lt 10&appkey={APPKEY}


Current Owner Holdings

Every field can be used with a filter parameter, example:

filter=issueid in (xxxxxxx,xxxxxx,xxxxxx)

Parameter Name Filter Name Resource DataType
filerids filerid ownerships/currentownerholding Integer
ciks cik ownerships/currentownerholding String
deleted isdeleted ownerships/currentownerholding Boolean
modifiedsince modifiedsince ownerships/currentownerholding Date

querydate ownerships/currentownerholding DateTime

currentreportdate ownerships/currentownerholding DateTime

priorreportdate ownerships/currentownerholding DateTime

ownername ownerships/currentownerholding String

issueid ownerships/currentownerholding Integer

cusip ownerships/currentownerholding String

ticker ownerships/currentownerholding String

companyname ownerships/currentownerholding String

issuetitle ownerships/currentownerholding String

exchangeid ownerships/currentownerholding Integer

exchange ownerships/currentownerholding String

marketoperatorid ownerships/currentownerholding Integer

marketoperator ownerships/currentownerholding String

markettierid ownerships/currentownerholding Integer

markettier ownerships/currentownerholding String

street1 ownerships/currentownerholding String

street2 ownerships/currentownerholding String

city ownerships/currentownerholding String

state ownerships/currentownerholding String

zip ownerships/currentownerholding String

country ownerships/currentownerholding String

phonecountrycode ownerships/currentownerholding String

phoneareacode ownerships/currentownerholding String

phonenumber ownerships/currentownerholding String

sharesout ownerships/currentownerholding Float

sharesoutdate ownerships/currentownerholding DateTime

price ownerships/currentownerholding Float

pricedate ownerships/currentownerholding DateTime

sharesheld ownerships/currentownerholding Float

sharesheldchange ownerships/currentownerholding Float

sharesheldpercentchange ownerships/currentownerholding Float

marketvalue ownerships/currentownerholding Float

marketvaluechange ownerships/currentownerholding Float

portfoliopercent ownerships/currentownerholding Float

sharesoutpercent ownerships/currentownerholding Float


Search CurrentOwnerHoldings based on FilerIds:{APPKEY}

Search CurrentOwnerHoldings based on CIKs:{APPKEY}

Search CurrentOwnerHoldings based on Tickers: eq "BAC"&appkey={APPKEY}

Search CurrentOwnerHoldings based on IssueIds: eq 539631&appkey={APPKEY}

Filter CurrentOwnerHoldings based on SharesOutPercent Less than 10: eq 539631 and sharesoutpercent lt 10&appkey={APPKEY}

Filter CurrentOwnerHoldings based on PortfolioPercent Less than 0.002: lt 0.002&appkey={APPKEY}

Filter CurrentOwnerHoldings based on MarketValue Greater than 1500000 gt 1500000&appkey={APPKEY}



Every field can be used with a filter parameter, example:

filter=issueid in (xxxxxxx,xxxxxx,xxxxxx)

Parameter Name Filter Name Resource DataType
companyids companyid ownerships/issues Integer
issueids issueid ownerships/issues Integer
cusip cusip ownerships/issues String
companynames companyname ownerships/issues String
primary isprimary ownerships/issues Boolean
activeonly activeonly ownerships/issues Boolean
ticker ticker ownerships/issues String
exchangeids exchangeid ownerships/issues Integer
exchanges exchange ownerships/issues String
marketoperatorids marketoperatorid ownerships/issues Integer
marketoperators marketoperator ownerships/issues String
markettierids markettierid ownerships/issues Integer
markettiers markettier ownerships/issues String
ciks cik ownerships/issues String
sics sic ownerships/issues Integer
industryids industryid ownerships/issues Integer
industries industry ownerships/issues String
sectorids sectorid ownerships/issues Integer
sectors sector ownerships/issues String
cities city ownerships/issues String
states state ownerships/issues String
zips zip ownerships/issues String
deleted isdeleted ownerships/issues Boolean
modifiedsince modifiedsince ownerships/issues Date

querydate ownerships/issues DateTime

issuetitle ownerships/issues String

sicdescription ownerships/issues String

street1 ownerships/issues String

street2 ownerships/issues String

country ownerships/issues String

phonecountrycode ownerships/issues String

phoneareacode ownerships/issues String

phonenumber ownerships/issues String

sharesout ownerships/issues Float

sharesoutdate ownerships/issues DateTime

price ownerships/issues Float

pricedate ownerships/issues DateTime

sharesheld ownerships/issues Float

numholders ownerships/issues Integer

numbernewholders ownerships/issues Integer

numbuyers ownerships/issues Integer

numsellers ownerships/issues Integer

numbersellouts ownerships/issues Integer


Search issues based on IssueIds:{APPKEY}

Search issues based on Ticker: eq "MSFT"&appkey={APPKEY}

Search issues based on Sectors parameter with suppressed white spaces:{APPKEY}

Search issues based on Industries parameter with suppressed special characters and white spaces: Integrated&appkey={APPKEY}

Filter issues based on NumberSellOuts Less than 10: gt 11 and ticker eq "MSFT"&appkey={APPKEY}

Filter issues based on NumSellers Greater than 150: gt 150&appkey={APPKEY}



Every field can be used with a filter parameter, example:

filter=filerids in (xxxxxxx,xxxxxx,xxxxxx)

Parameter Name Filter Name Resource DataType
filerids filerid ownerships/owners Integer
ownernames ownername ownerships/owners String
currentreportdates currentreportdate ownerships/owners Date
ciks cik ownerships/owners String
cities city ownerships/owners String
states state ownerships/owners String
zips zip ownerships/owners String
deleted isdeleted ownerships/owners Boolean
modifiedsince modifiedsince ownerships/owners Date

querydate ownerships/owners DateTime

priorreportdate ownerships/owners DateTime

street1 ownerships/owners String

street2 ownerships/owners String

street3 ownerships/owners String

phone ownerships/owners String

dcn ownerships/owners String

issuesheld ownerships/issues Integer

portfoliovalue ownerships/issues Float

newpositions ownerships/issues Integer

increasedpositions ownerships/issues Integer

decreasedpositions ownerships/issues Integer

soldoutpositions ownerships/issues Integer


Search owners based on FilerIds:{APPKEY}

Filter issues based on SoldOutPositions Less than 10: gt 10 and city eq "LOS ANGELES"&appkey={APPKEY}

Filter issues based on DecreasedPositions Less than 10: lt 10&appkey={APPKEY}

Filter issues based on DecreasedPositions Less than 10 and DCN equals "0000950123-15-003698": gt 10 and dcn eq "0000950123-15-011992"&appkey={APPKEY}